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Adam Lenskyj, Moss Park, was born in Austria and later immigrated to Australia as an UNRRA refugee. I moved to Canada in 1966 and have lived in St. Michael’s Hospital (aka Unity Health Network) catchment area on and off since arriving here in the city of Toronto, province of Ontario, Canada :-)

Work history

in Canada: {:-) in Toronto & in Australia: [;-) in Taree NSW 


Australia: Mount Isa Mines, Queensland;
Australia: Ford Motor Co. Geelong & Broadmeadows Vic. & Brisbane Queensland (QLD).;
Australia: Carrier Air Conditioning Corp. Sydney NSW
Australia: Norman & Addicoat, consulting engineers

Canada: H.H. Angus consulting engineers in Toronto;
Canada: Westinghouse Corp. in Hamilton & in Toronto;
Canada: self as a professional engineer, building services, energy management,;
Canada: government of Ontario (MGS & MBC) in Toronto & Kingston Ontario, facilities/property management,
Canada:  computer centres/telecommunication services.

Currently: Toronto, Ontario Canada

Previously : Kingston Ontario, Canada
Losensteinleiten, Austria
Cahul, Bessarabia (Moldova)
Munchen-Gladbach, Germany
Solingen, Germany

Naples, UNRRA, Italy
Geelong & Broadmeadows Victoria Australia
Madrid, Spain
Dubai, UAE
Kabul, Afghanistan

Old Jindabyne, Bathurst, Cowra, Parkes, NSW Australia
Londonderry, NSW
Sydney, NSW
Mount Isa, Queensland
Townsville, QLD
Taree, NSW 2430

Gender, date of birth and more
Gender: Male
Birthday: 2 Dec
Occupation: retired Professional Engineer (P.Eng. Ontario, Canada)

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1. Here is my Adam Lenskyj genealogy of grandparents Podusteanu and Stoica.

2. 2010-February-20 I went to the Toronto Police Community Mobilization Workshop at 40 College Street and received this certificate of participation.

3. 2010-October-31 I listened to a sermon on the Nine Stages of Eternal Life in the nifty Harbour Light Community Church by Salvation Army Major Shane Gruer-Caulfield.

4. 2011-Jan-01: I wrote a review of my discovery of the storefront Church In The City located on the north-east corner of The Esplanade at south end of George Street and a short walk east of the St. Lawrence Market at Lower Jarvis Street.

5. 2011-Oct-03 I published a graph of the run time performance of the Li-ion 6 cell battery on my new HP Mini 110 net-book, which I purchased in Taree on 2011-Sept-23. {This was in order to replace my one year old model 210-1077CA serial# CNF0012ZZL product# WH683UA#ABC...

6. 2011-Dec-31: I completed my citation of the Dale B. Martin 2008 book Pedagogy of the Bible... I abstracted some of his ideas that are helping me search for approaches in "how to" read Scripture, His ideas show critical thinking as well as critical pedagogy approaches.

7. 2012-Sept-19 121:50 (z-4h): I added a post re (c)Yale University on-line course RLST 145 Christine Hayes,Introduction to the Old Testament (Hebrew Bible/The Jewish Study Bible)

8. 2012-Oct-31 t 14h00 I got my flu shot today from 333 Sherbourne Health Centre's Health Bus, which was parked outside Council Fire's drop-in centre on Parliament Street at Dundas Street East

9. 2012-Nov-05 121:35 (Z-5 h): Here is my typical breakfast food intake. I am taking care to limit my daily portions and especially to limit my sodium intake to 1,500 mg per day.

10. Some ideas or concepts intrigue me. Two such ideas are the "... myth of scarcity ..." and the "... religion of abundance ..."

11. 2013-May-03 1 17:45 (z-4 h) Friday: I added this photo of my mother in 1939 who was a teenager just 17 years old and several months before I was born in 1940-December.

12. 2013-May-03 123:45 (z-4 h): I found this yellowed card in my scrapbook that my mother had given me last year- from The University of Sydney in Australia the 'Authority to Attend Classes academic year 1 in the Faculty of Engineering' date stamped 1958-Feb-24 'Margaret A Telfer, Registrar'

13. 2013-May-10 115:00 (z-4 h) Friday, Toronto Canada: I published my latest ECG graph taken two months ago on 2013-Mar-27 at 13:00:28 at the Family Practice Unit of St. Michael's Hospital. Compare this 2013-Mar-27 ECG with the ECG of seven years ago dated 2006-Mar-02 at 09:10 during my ergonomic bicycle stress test at the Toronto Rehabilitation Institute, which was the first to diagnose my not so healthy heart issues; this then began the cardiac treatment at Toronto General Hospital with the insertion of stents in my 100% blocked RCx and 90% blocked LCx arteries feeding blood to my heart.

14. 2013-July-31 (z-4 h): I had cataract surgery on my right eye at the Kensington Eye Institute here in Toronto, Canada. This completed the surgeries on both eyes; the left eye was done on 2013-March-28. In case in future I might need to find the details on the lenses that were implanted, I have recorded here the intraocular (IOL) implantation identification cards from Abbott Medical Optics Inc. The surgeon was Dr. Matthew Bujak. See also my Google(tm) drive g.dr. health vision care public folder regarding the documentation for the preoperative and postoperative phases ...

15. 2013-September-03 t 10:00 (z-4 h) Tuesday: After one month of back and hip pain which hampered my sleeping and my exercising for fitness, I asked my family practice unit (FPU) Dr. Aisha Kamila Lofters for advice. She gave me a requisition to the imaging department where I had a very short 'wait time' of about 15 minutes. The very courteous imaging technician 'Luke' took several x-rays of my lower back and my two hip joints. Dr. Lofters will discuss report with me asap.

16. 2016-Jan-04 t 00h15 (z-5 h) Monday: I changed the url that I used in 2013-Nov-05 t 17:17 (z-5 h) Tuesday: I activated my new blood glucose meter: 'Abbot Diabetes Care Inc. FreeStyle InsuLinx serial #JAMT154-U0941.' This meter's settings are in the url in my public health file folder on my Google(tm) drive (I call this drive g.dr. ).

17. 2013-Nov-08 t 17:13 (z-5 h) Friday: I just published the list of medications (2013), which I have been taking since the beginning of this year from 2013-January-01 up till 30. October 2013. ...

18. 2013-Nov-221 07:54 (z-5 h) Friday: My latest blood lab. results dated 2013-Oct-28 concern me, because my blood A1c was 0.113 (HIGH). The eGFR was 59, indicating chronic kidney issues. ... I had not been taking my medications for the previous four months. ... The blood lab. report of five pages is located in my Google(tm) drive, which I have named Adam Lenskyj g.dr. health files", a public folder.

19. 2013-Dec-22 123:59 (z-5 h) Sunday: This year in 2013, changes in my meds from last year in 2012 were: Item#1: I began taking 20 mg Crestor to replace/discontinue the previous 80 mg of Lipitor anti-cholesterol medication. Item #2: I began using a new blood sugar (glucose) meter 'FreeStyle', which has been easier to use as a recording device and as a graphical device for uploading to my laptop.

20. 2015.June.02 T 11h05m59 I was discharged from the medicine Intensive Care Unit (ICU) at St. Michael's Hospital in Toronto Ontario Canada after I had been admitted to the emergency department with sudden onset tongue and throat swelling as well as nausea and vomiting. Diagnosis was that I had had an allergic reaction to my medication (Ramipril), which I had been taking for the past nine years.

Dr. Claudia Dos Santos wrote in her "Patient's Letter & Discharge Summary" quote: CRITICAL THAT YOU REMAIN OFF RAMIPRIL (AND ALL OTHER ACE-INHIBITORS). PLEASE DO NOT TAKE THESE MEDICATIONS EVER AGAIN :unquote.

21. 2014.June-22 114h56 (z-4 h): Today, in loving memory of my mother Larisa Podusteanu-Lenskyj, born 1922-June-22 in Cioara, in present day Republic of Moldova, died 2014-December-15 at about 12h15 (z+10 h) in Taree, NSW Australia.- See the Guest Book & Obituary at Manning River Times:

22. 2016.Dec.28 Here is my list of medications, which I took in 2016: Total cost for the year was 1,959.34CAD.

*** (c)Adam Lenskyj created: Wed. 2010.02.10

Work contact info
Club Haven, 170 Jarvis St.Toronto, ON M5B 2B7 CANADA

Germany: Solingen Primary
Australia: Parkes Public, Old Jindabyne Primary, NSW
Australia: Richmond High NSW
Australia: University of Sydney 1962

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