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This is a photo of my mother, Larissa, as a baby on the knee of her father, Vladimir Podusteanu and her mother, Adele Wishas.

Photo-00 is some 80 years old. It is surprising that it survived W.W.2, many displacement and many adventures. My grandmother, Adele Podusteanu was born in Estonia/ Estland.


Extras din registrul stării civile pentru NASCUTI de anul 1922.

Google translated the Romanian as: "Extract from the register of civil status for birth year 1922" which is the birth certificate for my mother Larisa Podusteanu/ Larissa (senior) Lenskyj.

Genealogy details for Photo-00:
husband: Podusteanu, Vladimir
dob: 6 Feb 1887
pob: Shaeni Soroka
m. 23 Aug 1913 in Ustia Beltz
d. 2 Jan 1967 Londonderry NSW
cemetery: South Windsor Presbyterian Cemetery NSW Australia.

wife: Wishas, Adele Emilie
dob:10 Mar 1891
pob: Pernau, Estland / Estonia
d. 21 Feb 1954 Londonderry NSW
cemetery: South Windsor Presbyterian Cemetery

Boris (this baby did not live long)
dob: 9 Jun 1914
pob: Cioara
d. 3 Sep 1914 in Carpineni

Eugen Podusteanu
dob 22 Aug 1915
pob: Cărpineni, Moldova
d. 19 Oct 1950 at Burrinjuck Dam (Citation: NLA)
cemetery: St. Clement Anglican Church, Yass NSW
Boris Podusteanu (SS-Rttf.)
dob: 1 Dec 1917

pob: Lapusna, Moldova
d. 6 March 1944 KIA/im Krieg gestorben/gefallen during the Continuation War of W.W.2 - Kiestinki, now in Russian Republic of Karelia
cemetery: grave/grab #26 in friedhof nord Finnland ostwärts von Kiestinki/ north Finland east of Kiestinki (Kestenga).
Larisa Podusteanu/Larissa (senior) Lenskyj
{my biological mother}
dob: 22.June.1922 -
pob: Cioara,
{Bessarabia} Moldova
{Died} d. 15.December.2014 aged 92 in Taree NSW Australia.

Citation: Death Notice.

The Manning River Times.
[Accessed 2021.03.31 AEDT]

m.: {my biological father} Vladimir Stoica 07.Jan.1940 Cioara Falsin {Bessarabia} present day Moldova=============

Genealogy for Vladimir & Adele:
father: Podusteanu, Vasile
dob: 1 Jan 1861 Warsaw, Poland
d. 23 Apr 1926 in Cioara, {Bessarabia} Moldova

mother: Parcewski, Maria
dob: Sep. 1858 in Beltz
d. 6 Jan 1930 in Cioara

father: Wishas, Hans
dob: 6 Sep. 1851 Pernau, Estland {present day Estonia}
d. 6 Dec 1916 Pernau

mother: Laan, Maria
dob: 3 Sep. 1850 Pernau
d. ? in Pernau, Estland / Estonia.

Photo-10 is of the front and the back of postcard of my great-grandparents Hans Wishas and Maria Laan circa 1914.
Genealogy of Vladimir Stoica/Stoika:
father: Stoica Ion
mother: Juk Maria .





Photo-1 This photo is of my mother, Larissa (senior) with baby, me, born 2-Dec-1940 in the place of my birth the schloss (castle) Losensteinleiten, near Linz, Austria. The Schloss Losensteinleiten is now, in 2004, a hotel.

Photo-2 This photo in 1942 is of me, Adolf Woldemar Stoika/Stoica, when I was about two years old. I am holding the pedal of a bike belonging to my uncle Eugene Podusteanu. "Have bike, will travel" must have been my ambition ...

My birth place, the Schloss Losensteinleiten is in the background.

To see my amusing baby legs in knee-high socks clearly, please click on the photo.

Photo-3 Here we were dockside in Napoli/Naples Italy. The national archives of Australia (NAA) record says that we were IRO sponsored " Displaced Persons who traveled to Australia per Castelbianco departing Naples 1 February 1950." We were DP's on contracts to work for two years in Australia. The Castelbianco left Naples on 01. February 1950. It sailed to Freemantle, then to Melbourne arriving finally in the port of Sydney, NSW , Australia on 02-March-1950.

Australian immigration processed us dockside Sydney NSW and then transported us by railway to the Bathurst migrant camp. After a short stay we were sent to Cowra migrant camp and then on to the Parkes RAAF migrant camp where I learned English for the first time in the camp school. When our two year work contract expired we left Parkes for Old Jindabyne NSW where my mother and her new husband Michael Lenskyj had found jobs in the Snowy Mountains Hydro-Electric Scheme.

Photo-3.1 This is a copy of Australian Certificate of Exemption issued to me on 02.March 1950 in the port of entry in Sydney. The national archives of Australia (NAA) records my name on entry to Australia as "STOICA Adam."

Photo-4 This photo of my grandmother is from her travel document to Australia of my mother's mother, Adele Wishas-Podusteanu
IRO Processing Card Form 58 DP No. BU 006728 DAE Date of Arrival 21-2-1951 Wimbern Camp, Germany.

Here is the copy of Form B Certificate of Registration nbr. 250178 for Adele Podusteanu under the Commonwealth of Australia legislation Aliens Act 1947.

This certificate records her arrival in Melbourne Vic. on "25 Apr. 1951 per (ss) Fairsea." The pages called "Changes of Address" record the following entries:

"7.5.(19)51 Holding Centre Parkes NSW.

29.3.(19)52 Migrant Holding Centre Cowra NSW.

30.3.(19)52 (Old) Jindabyne via Cooma NSW

21.11.(19)53 The Cedars Londonderry NSW." - Note:

This small 14 acre farm became our permanent residence for the next 35 years! My grandparents died here. My two brothers and my sister were born here. From here I went to Richmond Primary and Richmond High schools, NSW and then on to the University of Sydney.


Photo-5. This photo shows my mother Larissa Podusteanu and my uncle, her brother Eugen(e) Podusteanu in fur hats in winter probably still in Bessarabia circa 1935.

Photo-6 In Germany, in this 1949 photo of our Podusteanu family I am griping about my uncomfortable stiff lederhosen. I was wearing them for the first time.

My grandmother Adele was holding my hand, my mother Larissa had me by the shoulders. My uncle Eugen, his fiancèe Inge and my grandfather, Vladimir, in the rear rank, were there to make me stay still in this photo.

The location was on Friedrich-Wilhelm Strasse near the intersection of Dingshauser Strasse in Solingen.

We were living in one room on the third floor of a house on Friedrich-Wilhelm Strasse in the UNRRA URL displaced persons (DP) camp in Solingen, Germany.

Photo-7 My grandmother Adele & my grandfather Vladimir/Waldemar Podusteanu posed for this photo on their arrival in the Bonegilla migrant camp in Victoria, Australia 7-May-1951. The National Archives of Australia (NAA) has this record of PODUSTEANU Waldemar of their arrival, PODUSTEANU Waldemar quote: "- Nationality: Romanian - Arrived Melbourne per Asturias 24 April 1951. :unquote.

photo circa 1962
Photo-8 This group photo shows my mother Larissa (senior), my brother Victor, my sister Larissa (junior) and me in Goulburn NSW circa 1962.

Photo-9 This passport photo is of me, Adam Lenskyj in the very good year of 1964. I had plans...

My O.C. told me that some in my brigade were rumored to be sent to Vietnam. Me? I resigned and made plans to travel to Bahrain or Canada...

Canada won.


On 7. January 1966 I married in St. Michael's Anglican Church in Vaucluse. See photo NSW State Library collections, Australia. The following morning we boarded a cruise ship. We emigrated to Toronto Ontario Canada where I had prearranged a job as a design engineer with a consulting engineering firm. Our two children were born in St. Michael's Hospital in Toronto.


1. Larissa Podusteanu-Lenskyj (b. 1922 Bessarabia/is now Moldova- d. 2014.December.15 Taree NSW Australia); Note: My mother {was} the custodian of family genealogy details and family photos.

2. Elli Wise, Bessarabia - a Koblenz Extraction. Odessa Digital Library;

Note:  An independent source for genealogy details. See my copy from Elli Wise:>

3. National Library of Australia (NLA) Nine Victims in Burrinjuck Tragedy . SYDNEY, Friday. The Canberra Times (ACT : 1926-1954) Saturday 21 October 1950, page 1. [Accessed 05.Feb.2010 18:15 -0500]
[Accessed 11.Feb.2013 t 18:38 (z-5 h)]

4. National Archives of Australia (NAA), Migrant Selection Documents for Displaced Persons who traveled to Australia per Castelbianco departing Naples 1 February 1950. File reference A12011;


On the name screen, I quote: Your story, our history Explore “Search the collection” :unquote, I used my family names of Lenskyj, Stoica and Podusteanu.

I also searched the A12011 file.

For details of Australia's Displaced Persons Scheme (c. 1950) please sign in as 'Guest' and then search in the “Displaced Persons Scheme”:

<> [Accessed 05.Feb.2010 18:17 -0500] [Accessed 07.July.2015 t 12h20 (z-4 h)]

I also searched the ”Passenger arrivals index”. I entered “Lenskyj” in the

“Passenger family name”; the result of this search is below; I quote:

Display passenger search results   -   3 names found:

Passenger arrivals index {recorded for arrivals in port Freemantle West Australia}, 1921-1950, 1964

Sort order: Family name Ship/aircraft Date of arrival

Passenger FAMILY NAME, Given names Ship/aircraft name

Port of embarkation Naples
Port of disembarkation Sydney, Date of arrival 21 Feb 1950

Barcode no 30149904 

Passenger FAMILY NAME, Given names Ship/aircraft name

Port of embarkation Naples
Port of disembarkation Sydney, Date of arrival 21 Feb 1950
Barcode no 30149904 

Passenger FAMILY NAME, Given names Ship/aircraft name

Port of embarkation Naples
Port of disembarkation Sydney, Date of arrival 21 Feb 1950
Barcode no 30149904 

Record 1 to 3 of 3

…:unquote. [Accessed 07.July.2015 t 12h59 (z-4 h)]

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