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2022.03.25 (c) Adam Lenskyj 2022.03.25 Chandni Pattni, PGY4 GI In service of Dr. Jeff Mosko, Consult Report Patient's COPY - source MyChart(tm)-SMH
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2021.11.22 Adam Lenskyj 2021.11.22-Dr. Gordon Moe -SMH Heart Failure (HF) - consult patient’s copy

2021.11.19 t 13h23pm ET Friday: Adam Lenskyj COVID-19 Proof of vaccination / Preuve de vaccination contre la COVID-19 (3rd of 3)

2021.09.03 (c) Adam Lenskyj 2021.09.03- Dr. Ignatius Fong -consult.virtual-infection clinic- patient's copy redacted

2021.08.27 (c) Adam Lenskyj 2021.08.27 Discharge Medication Summary from Bridgepoint (Sinai Health) -patient’s COPY (Redacted)  

2021.06.04 Adam Lenskyj 2021.06.04 Got my COVID-19 2nd. Of 2 vaccines
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Adam Lenskyj “about me” profile
- 2021.05.15 Added:
- 2021.05.15 Added:

Adam Lenskyj treadmill exercise stress tests {Patient's COPY}- at UHN 347 Rumsey Rd. Toronto ON Canada
- 2021.04.13 Added:
- 2021.02.22 Added:

- 2020.10.07 and 08.October.2020 (z-4h): 
  Added docx and pdf-latest medication refills showing quantities in days and costs. I picked up nine meds (tablets) and   three insulin products (Humalog, Tresiba and Blood Glucose strips)

Docx URL: <>

PDF URL: < >

- 2021.01.09 Added REVISED 2020 receipt for medications that I took in 2020 (file is in docx format):

- 2020.12.31 Added 2020 receipt for meds that I took in 2020:

- 2020.01.27 
   Added receipt for all the medications from Unity Health St. Michael's Prescription Care Centre.
   Adam Lenskyj 2019.12.30 receipt for medications taken in 2019 - total cost was $3,921.83CAD.

- 2019.11.13 Medical Imaging MyPockeHealthtm.
   Adam Lenskyj health MEDICAL IMAGING - list of reports (docx MS Word format)

- 2019.11.13 Added:  
  Adam Lenskyj health MEDICAL IMAGING - list of reports (html format)

- 2019.08.13 Added ECG graph Dr. Gordon Moe (HF) clinic – quote: normal sinus rhythm: Unquote.
 Adam Lenskyj 2019.08.13 ECG printed Tuesday, December 15, 2020 -t- 07h34am z-5h Patient's COPY

- 2019.05.16 Added: 
  Adam Lenskyj 2017.08.02 -t- 10h30 exercise stress test on treadmill at cardiac ECG-Stress Lab (SMH)

- 2019.05.15 Added: 
    Adam Lenskyj MEDICAL DISCHARGE SUMMARY - list of reports 

- 2021.05.27 Blood LAB TESTS Latest 
  Adam Lenskyj 9999 BLOOD LAB RESULTS - list of reports
... Adam Lenskyj 2015-2013 blood lab results in tabular format

- 2021.02.16 Added to Clinical Notes list of records: Dr. Paul Dorian consult:

- 2020.05.20 Added to Clinical Notes: Dr. Catherine Yu diabetes consult diabetes clinic via telephone because of COVID-19.
- 2020.05.06 Added to Clinical Notes: Haytham Sharar 2020.055.04 consult HF clinic via phone. 
- 2019.05.12 Added: 
  Adam Lenskyj CLINICAL NOTES list of records.

- 2019.04.26 T 07h50am (z-4h) Saturday: Added: 
  Adam Lenskyj 2019.Mar.25 Dr. Gordon Moe, Heart Failure Ambulatory Consult, 
  subsequent to my visit to Emergency department on 2019.Mar.21;

2017.08.29 ADAM LENSKYJ 2017.08.29 EGFR GRAPH-KIDNEY (RENAL) FUNCTION PERIOD -2012 (Source: SMH MyChartTM >Personal Records>Upload Other>Tests)

- 2015.06.02 Adam Lenskyj, health Medicine Discharged on 2015.June.02 from mcICU, admitted on 2015.May.31 from emerg. ICU because of my allergic reaction to Ramipril medication (Discharge – Patient’s Letter by “Nathan Stall on behalf of Dr. Claudia Dos santos”)

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2021.11.26: Added Dr. Ignatius Fong 2021.09.03 consult infectious diseases clinic

-2021.11.25: Added eGFR graph, source: MyChartTM from 2012 to 2017

- 2021.05.11: Removed html version of Blood Lab results.
- 2021.05.08: Removed quote: 2020.12.31 receipt for meds that I took in 2020:
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