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LENSKYJ Michael DOB 30/12/1923; Larissa DOB 20/6/1922; STOICA Adam DOB 2/12/1940


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1949 - 1949



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12 Sep 1998


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Series number A12011 Date registered 10 Aug 2001 Title
Migrant Selection Documents for Displaced Persons who travelled to Australia per Castelbianco departing Naples 1 February 1950


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Series notes for series A12011

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Function and Purpose

This series consists of Migrant Selection Documents for Displaced Persons who travelled to Australia on the ship ‘Castelbianco’ departing from Naples, Italy on 1 February 1950 and arriving in Sydney via Fremantle 2 March 1950.

Displaced Persons Scheme

At the end of the Second World War, many hundreds of thousands of people who had been brought to Germany from occupied countries to labour in German industry were unable or unwilling to return to their homelands which were occupied by the army of the USSR (mainly Poland and the Baltic countries - Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia, in addition to Hungary, Czechoslovakia, Ukraine, and Yugoslavia).

These people came under the care of the International Refugee Organization (IRO).  They were screened, given the status of Displaced Person and housed in camps in Germany, Italy and Austria.

On 21 July 1947, the Commonwealth Government entered into an agreement with the IRO for the resettlement of European Displaced Persons in Australia. This scheme was subsequently known as the DP Group Resettlement (or ‘Mass Resettlement’) scheme.



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