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2020.01.27 T 11h35 (z-5h)Monday: Added 2019 receipt for all the medications I took last year from Unity Health St. Michael's Prescription Care Center.
Adam Lenskyj 2019.12.30 receipt for medications taken in 2019 - total cost was $3,921.83CAD - patient paid $162.56CAD Patient's COPY
2019.11.13 T 20h40 z-5h Monday: Added docx version listing all 23 Medical Imaging records in MyPockeHealth.
Adam Lenskyj health file: MyChart-(SMH) MEDICAL IMAGING - list of reports (docx MS Word format) 2019.11.13 T 19h45 z-5h Wednesday: Added: Adam Lenskyj health file: MyChart-(SMH) MEDICAL IMAGING - list of reports 2019.05.16 T 14h00pm (z-4h) Thursday: Added: Adam Lenskyj 2017.08.02 -t- 10h30 health exercise stress test on treadmill at cardiac ECG-Stress Lab. 2019.05.15 T 16h15pm (z-4h) Wednesday: Added: Adam Lenskyj health: MyChart MEDICAL DISCHARGE SUMMARY - list of reports 2019.11.23 T 15h15pm (z-5h) Saturday, Added PDF version and updated to 2019.11.18 from 2017. 2019.05.13 T 17h41pm (z-4h) Monday: Added: Adam Lenskyj health: MyChart BLOOD LAB RESULTS - list of reports 2019.05.12 T 23h15pm (z-5h) Sunday: Added: Adam Lenskyj health: MyChart(TM) CLINICAL NOTES list of records. 2019.04.26 T 07h50am (z-4h) Saturday: Added: Adam Lenskyj 2019.Mar.25 Dr. Gordon Moe, Heart Failure Ambulatory Consult, subsequent to my visit to Emergency department on 2019.Mar.21;

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